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Document Management Specialist – Paralegal

Shannon Parker has been a paralegal with Sobieski, Messer & Elledge since 2010. Ms. Parker’s expertise lies in supporting lawyers and clients who have complex and document-heavy legal needs related to divorce and family law.

Ms. Parker received her bachelor’s degree from George Mason University and has a second degree in paralegal studies. She is also an accomplished photographer, having had a career in portrait photography specializing in children, families, and pets before embarking on a legal career. Ms. Parker spends much of her free time working in animal rescue and rehabilitation and enjoys training dogs for sporting competitions. She lives with her five dogs, Hemi and Jewels (Australian Cattle Dogs), Gin (Samoyed), Bella (Chihuahua), Fox (Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix) and 3 cats Pixel, Ghost and Beetle Juice.

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